When and How to Read to Your Toddler

Experts recommend you read to your child as often as you can and that you strive to have at least one scheduled reading time each day. Choosing regular times to read, especially before naps and bedtime, is a way to help your child learn to sit with a book and relax. But you can read anytime your child seems in the mood.

If your toddler will let you, hold him on your lap when you read. It’s a great spot for:
…Helping your child feel safe, happy and relax
…Giving undivided attention
…Showing new things
…Inviting participation

Kid's reading

You will find that your toddler has a mind of his own and wants to be independent and successful. Nurture these instincts by offering three or four books to choose from, praising your child’s selection, letting your toddler help you turn pages and asking for help as you find things on a page. Your child will love to finish sentences in books with repetitive phrasing or rhymes.