Don’t Leave Me! Separation Anxiety

Possibly the most common cause of temper tantrums with a child care provider will be separation anxiety. Separation anxiety and tantrums will be most prevalent for children ages ten months to three years of age, children who have never been away from you and children who are not securely attached to you.



Make a Plan

Work together with your child care provider. She deals with this issue on almost a daily basis, and together you should be able to devise a strategy that will make good-byes an easier time for all of you. Do not wait for the first separation temper tantrum. There are things you can do to prevent problems. Prepare your child in advance; tell him what will be happening and what he can expect. Make the transition gradual. Arrange to visit the program with your child at least once, let him tour the room and meet the teacher. Whenever possible, spend a little time in the program with your child for the first few days. Avoid just rushing out the door.