Flores de Mayo in Tondo

Late post I know. Lol

Flores de Mayo is a Catholic festival here in the Philippines and held in the month of May, while Santacruzan is the pageant on the last day of Flores de Mayo. This is in honor of Helena of Constantinople also known as Reyna Elena, and Constantine the Great, Reyna Elena’s son, searching the True Cross in Jerusalem. The Santacruzan was held in many towns, cities and even in small communities, especially in Manila. Since I moved here in Davao City, I never heard a Santacruzan or Sagala event here. I am not sure if there are places here in Davao that celebrates this Santacruzan. Probably, there is, but not here in the city I live.


Flroes de Mayo


Anyhow, the photo below is my friend’s grandchild. It was Khenzie’s first time to join the Santacruzan. Since it was her first time, obviously, the family couldn’t wait to see Khenzie wearing her beautiful pink gown made by our local designer, and with a crown on her head. She looks like a little princess, isn’t it? I honestly grabbed this photo on my friend’s Facebook. I didn’t know that the family likes to join this kind of event because they are actually a Chinese but born here in the Philippines.