You Can’t Go It Alone

Do you have a few friends who haven’t yet given your baby presents and are asking you what you need? Here’s a thought: Tell them,

“We have all the clothes and toys for her that we need. What I really need is a break. Some sleep. Some rest. You really want to give us something? Give us some respite. Watch the baby while I take a nap, or watch her while we go out for dinner.”

Going out for dinner won’t help the sleep situation, of course, but it will give you a much-needed break that may be as useful as a few hours of Zzzz.

nighttime sleep

Who else can you call on for respite? Do you have relatives, your parents, a sibling, who live in the area? How about enlisting your best friend, and a few other friends, too? What about a paid babysitter?

None of these is likely to be able to help you overnight. After all, you don’t really want to ask your mom, sister, or friend to endure a sleepless night while you slumber peacefully. But they could watch your baby by day while you catch a much-needed nap.