Men’s Tux: How To Choose The Right One

When it comes to choosing the right men’s tuxedo for a prom, your own wedding, as a wedding guest or for other types of special occasions, it is important for you to know what you should look for in a tux, and how to choose the perfect one for the occasion.

The Best Tuxedos For The Prom

I find that one-button tuxedos are ideal to wear to the prom. When you are looking to buy a tux for the prom, you will first want to know what type of dress your date will be wearing and then try to get a tux in a color that will coordinate with her dress. For example, if your date’s dress is purple, then a one-button black tux with a purple tie will be ideal to wear.

A Tux For The Groom

Do you need a men’s tux designed for a groom to wear because you are getting married? If so, then you may be want to get either a two-button or three-button tuxedo. A dark black tux or a white tux with a little bit of black in it is ideal tuxes to wear on your big day. You will want to buy a tuxedo that coordinates with the theme of the wedding, as well as one that stands out from the other tuxes that are being worn by guests. However, you should look at tuxes and try a few on before you purchase one, because this will give you a good idea of what one will look the best on you when the big day arrives.

Wedding Party Member Tuxes

It does not matter if you are a guest at a wedding, if you’re an usher, the best-man, groomsman, ring bearer or the father-of-the-bride, you will need the perfect tux for the big day. You will want to choose the tie carefully, as well as the undershirt and the suit jacket. There are many choices on the market today. You will want to have an idea of what types of tuxes will be worn at the wedding, and then wear a similar one, as you want your suit to coordinate with the other suits that will be worn that day. This means that you will want to pay attention to weather people are wearing a one, two, three or four-button tux, as well as if they are wearing a bow-tie or a full-length tie, as well as the color of the pants that are going to be worn on the wedding day. Knowing all of these things can help you choose the ideal tuxedo for the wedding that you will be attending.

Tuxedos For Special Occasions/Events

There may be a special occasion or event that is coming up, such as a black-tie event, or an important dinner, and if that is the case, then a casual-looking men’s tux is probably what you want to consider renting or purchasing.

If you keep this information in mind, you will find it easy to choose the best tux for a wedding, prom or any special occasion.

About the author:

Alfred Day just went to his prom in the best suit around, and wrote about the process of finding it.