From Couple to Family

The transition from “couple” to “family” can be stressful. It is true because of the lifestyle shift that results. There is a delicate dance as you each come to terms with the transformation and its impact on almost every aspect of your lives. Sleep, and the absence of it, sexual intimacy, career ambitions and the need for mutual support, all these change once you have a child. Everything is brand new. Parenting is by nature a process of change, as your child grows, her need shift and your roles evolve.




In this whirlwind of change and excitement, parents seldom have the time to nurture their relationship. The first year oa your baby’s life sometimes leads to both physical and emotional exhaustion and stress. It is critical during this time to keep the communication lines open. If you feel you need help, talk to friends, family or even a safe and objective professional. Don’t let problems get out of hand.

Common Causes of Farming Injury In the UK

On the surface of it farming seems to be such a common everyday occupation, no guns or artillery are involved in farming and yet this occupation accounts for a great percentage of accidents in the UK every year. There is heavy machinery such as tractors and forklifts. Chemicals that are used for fertilization, weed killers, electricity, generators and power supply, rivers and lakes. A farming injury includes maiming and dismemberment, falls, collisions, fire, poisoning, accidental shooting, drowning and electrocution. If you look just a little deeper beyond the surface, you will see that farming has all the components necessary to be a very dangerous place to work.

The simple fact is that almost any of the items commonly found on a farm can become in an instant a deadly weapon or a source of harm and danger. It is essential that everyone that has anything or any job to do on a farm or even if they are just visiting the farm be aware of safety precautions and guidelines that govern the day to day operations of the farm that can ensure their safety. The dangers and hazards of farming are very real and a part of their everyday lives as they carry out their chores or jobs. This does not mean that the dangers or risks cannot be avoided or minimized. Safety comes with implementing proper safety procedures and operating guidelines that can oversee the effective running of the farm and alleviate the risks involved.

Depending on the type of farm animals are a common sight. They provide a source of food or labour and in some cases the source of income for the farm. However, animals can transmit dangerous diseases that can easily spread from animal to person and from person to person on a farm. Salmonella, leptospirosis, and ringworm are just a few of them. Animals can also be dangerous because of habits that are normal to them. They can hurt children, workers, or visitors by accident or intentionally by biting or kicking them. Cattle and herds can also stampede and easily trample people underfoot. Any equipment with moving parts and a motor can be a source of danger. Equipment can malfunction due to several different reasons, including misuse, improper safety precautions, non-maintenance, or the age of the equipment.

Various different herbicides for killing weeds and pesticides for the insects that prey on the different crops on a farm are usually kept and stored on a farm. Fertilizers that are used to encourage the growth of the crops as well as the pesticides and herbicides are usually dangerous and deadly to humans. These chemicals can burn or poison humans and can be deadly if inhaled in large quantities. These simple everyday things can be a source of danger on a farm and lead to significant farming injuries every year in the UK. The first step towards reducing and eliminating the risks is awareness and prevention and by instituting and following prescribed safety procedures and guidelines.

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