From Couple to Family

The transition from “couple” to “family” can be stressful. It is true because of the lifestyle shift that results. There is a delicate dance as you each come to terms with the transformation and its impact on almost every aspect of your lives. Sleep, and the absence of it, sexual intimacy, career ambitions and the need for mutual support, all these change once you have a child. Everything is brand new. Parenting is by nature a process of change, as your child grows, her need shift and your roles evolve.




In this whirlwind of change and excitement, parents seldom have the time to nurture their relationship. The first year oa your baby’s life sometimes leads to both physical and emotional exhaustion and stress. It is critical during this time to keep the communication lines open. If you feel you need help, talk to friends, family or even a safe and objective professional. Don’t let problems get out of hand.