Type of Baby Changing Station Right for You.

One of the most useful items that you will purchase for your child’s nursery is a baby changing station. The changing station is wonderful for new mothers because she can change the baby while standing up – no bending, stretching or forgotten items; everything needed is within arms reach. Without a doubt this item will be used several times a day! With many different types of baby changing stations on the market today, how do you know which one will best suit your needs? Below you will find information on the most commonly used styles of baby changing stations.


Open Front Changing Station

These baby changing stations are (as the name implies) open in the front, typically with 2 shelves and a small drawer. You can place your baby changing items on the shelves, and keep ointments, thermometer, nose bulb and other small items in the drawer. This type of baby changing station is very nice for the first 3 – 4 months of babies’ life. As your baby becomes older and starts to crawl and explore he or she will be able to get all of the items off the shelves, which is a distraction that mom probably doesn’t need! These tables are not the best option for babies over 6 months old.


Dresser Changing Station

The dresser changing station is much sturdier than the open front design; the drawers keep the front closed so baby can’t access your changing supplies. Some of the dressers have a ‘tower’ (raised area) where soiled diapers and wipes can be placed out of babies reach. There are three options available for the dressers, fixed changing table, optional changing station (can be removed when not longer needed), and the flip top. There is some discussion about the flip top style; some people think they are unsafe unless they are bolted to the wall. (Since we are talking babies, I personally would not consider any item that some think ‘unsafe’). The dresser with the optional changing station is my personal favorite; it can be used as a dresser when a changing station is no longer needed.


Space Saving Baby Changing Stations

If space is limited in your home, then opt for a space saving baby changing station. One of the best options is the crib and changer combo. The changing station is attached to the crib, taking up less space than a crib plus a changing station. You will still have the advantage of having a sturdy changing station and extra storage space. You may also appreciate having the changing station close to the crib