Motorcycle Insurance

It is over a month now since my brother bought a motorcycle for cash, and until now, he is still holding temporary car insurance. The company told him that it will only take two weeks, the least, to get his car or motorcycle insurance. So, my brother kept on reminding them about his insurance.

Sometimes, it is also frustrating if you buy a vehicle with an agent or dealer, especially if the agent or the car dealer has lots of clients. I have told my brother to buy a motorcycle directly to the store, but he said, if he will buy direct to the store, he will work on the papers, particularly the insurance. If there is an agent, he will just wait at home for the papers and will only wait for the signature. Well, it is not my motorcycle, and not my money as well, so I let him do what he might think is good for him.

Anyway, I am glad that we have a good weather today. The sun is brightly shining, and I was able to hang our wet clothes outdoor this morning. I wish it won’t rain tonight until tomorrow morning because I need to wake up very early tomorrow. I will go to the airport to pick up my cousin. He will be at the airport around 6:00 in the morning, so I have to leave at home around 4:45 in the morning.

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