Decorative and Functional Fireplace Accessories

A fireplace can be more than just an impressive focal point in the room. Of course, it can be a supplemental heat source, but it can serve even more purposes. Just the presence of a fireplace invites you to slow down, sit in front of a warm, glowing fire and let your mind and body totally relax. A fireplace lures visitors to it. At your next party, observe how many guest you see lingering near the fireplace engaged in conversation with each other. A soothing, warming fire can make family game night or movie night more special. In order for all of these things to happen, you need to have the proper tools to maintain your fireplace and to assure that you are using it in the safest manner.

Functional Fireplace Accessories

There are some basic fireplace accessories that you’ll need to make your fireplace safe and functional. These accessories can also be a decorative feature in your décor. Fireplace screens are an essential, protective accessory. With all of the screen designs available, you can easily find one that will complement your décor. An accessory called a fender helps contain embers, soot and ashes. Decorative options are available that are compatible with most decors. You can display a bit of your personality or your flair for design with the style of andirons you choose.

Keeping the Fire Going

Vintage fireplace tools can help you keep a fire going. Timeless tools such as a fireplace shovel, brush, poker and tongs are needed to maintain a fire and to keep the fireplace clean. Fireplace tools are available in designs that are so attractive you will love having them on display as part of your décor.

Decorating Trends

A fireplace is often the focal point of a living room or bedroom design. A mantel above the fireplace is an ideal place to showcase decorative items. They are also the perfect place to display seasonal décor. You can honor the historical significance of fireplaces by selecting accessories in designs that are similar to those used long ago when fireplaces were a necessity. Most décors are receptive to some elements of vintage design.

You can make your fireplace as impressive as you like based on the type of accessories you choose. You don’t have to compromise on safety in order to have attractive accessories for your fireplace.

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