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Mark Your Calendar

In March, the stores they start a-wooing! The sprout of spring makes all of us itch for something new, bright, and fun, but real bargain shoppers know that the stores are currently stocked to the rafters with full-price items that should be dodged like doughnuts before a class reunion.

Retailers realize that many of us are waiting for a better bang for our buck, so they’ve started enticing us with spring preview coupons that offer a decent savings. Keep your eyes peeled for the discount dividends to hit your mailboxes and e-mail in-boxes in March.

March is good month to shop the sale rack for trousers and pants. The stores are currently stocked with full-price skirts and dresses, because women tend to wear more of those in the spring and summer, so the pants get pushed to the sale rack. When you hit the sale rack looking for bargain britches, remember these guidelines:

• To optimize your money, shop for fabrics that you can wear all year long.
• Skip the pleats. Pleats were created so that men would have a place to put their golf balls while on the course. Most women do not need the extra fabric and ballooning around the middle that pleats create.
• Say no to tapered legs. Straight-leg pants that cleanly fall from the largest part of your bottom are always a much more flattering option.
• Pass up the high waist. High-waist pants bring attention to your tummy. The best fit is a waist that falls around the belly button.

Because March offers a fashion smorgasbord of bright, fresh colors, textures, styles, and patterns that are magically alluring this time of year, I encourage you to shop for perspective. Gather the knowledge of all things new, and then apply what you learn to what you already have. Take stock of your closet, and establish what still fits, what you can mix and match to create new looks, and what key items you’ll need to pull things together with a modern edge. Great tops and the latest accessories can update everything. Remember, fabulous clothing bargains are just a couple of weeks away!

Creating Fun and Maintaining Sanity

Whether an individual is a parent, grandparent, aunt, cousin, neighbor or friend, spending time with children can be thrilling and challenging all at the same time. It is understandable for adults to get overwhelmed when they are with children. Fortunately, there are ways that adults can create fun and maintain their own sanity when with children.

Read Frequently
Many children love to have an adult read to them. Reading time is quite a popular activity. In fact, many children will remember books that were read in the classroom as well as the individual who read them. When children are starting to get overly stimulated, take time and read to them. Choose a fun book that would appeal to them. For younger children, consider a book that has simple words and an understandable story. For older children, there are longer books to consider. Furthermore, a child may want to read a book to an adult. As children get involved in reading, they are more likely to spend time reading or looking at pictures on their own. Therefore, when children are bored or need something to do, they can read a book.

Color Away
Coloring is an excellent activity that children of many ages can do. With the recent addition of coloring books for adults, everyone can sit down at a table and color. Coloring does a fine job of relieving stress. It is an activity that can be done at home, in a vehicle or other places. With the low cost of markers and crayons, it can be a worthwhile investment.

Active Games
While reading and coloring are great activities that can produce calmness, there are times where children need to be active. Instead of putting them in front of a television or an electronic device, consider investing in games that can be played indoors or outdoors. For younger children, a bouncy ball can be played practically anywhere. For older children, adults can consider investing in custom cornhole bags or similar outdoor games. As children do physical activities, they get rid of their restlessness. Furthermore, they can learn to play such games by themselves or with peers.

When adults learn to engage children, great things can happen. Children often express how they feel through emotions and energy. When adults respond to children in thoughtful ways, children can be happy and adults can keep their sanity intact.

Tips on being money-wise in this season of sharing.

Make a list and set a budget.

A good holiday spending plan makes use of a list of all the things you need to buy. List down the names of the people you want to give gifts and set a budget for each. Let your money go a long way by giving one gift to a whole family or a group of people instead of buying presents for each individual. Take an inventory of items you already have that can be used as presents so you can further trim the list. Resist buying anything that is not on your list even if it is on sale. Since it’s not on your list then you don’t need it.

Use cash.

Spend 30% less by paying in cash for all your holiday expenses. Using your credit cards makes shopping easier but harder to monitor and could lead to overspending. If you are afraid to bring cash (because criminal elements are also very active during Christmas), then charge it to your card. Just make sure you pay the whole amount when it falls due next month. And don’t forget to keep track of your expenses (whether in cash or charged) to avoid overspending.

The Perfect Day of Beauty

The beauty goal for every bride is to look beautiful, yes, but more important is to appear relaxed and natural. Don’t go for a dramatic change in your look. You want to look like yourself, but at your best. Brides have so many options today, and they will no longer be dictated to, and designers are well aware of this. This day and age, wedding gowns are no longer being made in the intricate heavy fabrics that we have seen in the past. An interesting back is a nice way to walk down the aisle. Simple drama is achieved with thought-out details.

Wedding Dress

When you know the type of dress or gown that rocks your world, a great place to purchase your special-occasion dress is over the Internet. Thank DressFirst designers for designing such beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, and all kinds of gowns for special event. Ordering dresses online allows you to easily comparison shop for the best buys and will often allow you to order the dress and color you like, which might not be available in your local store.

Bridesmaid dress

When searching for bridesmaid dresses, check out the site that I have mentioned earlier. They offer cheap bridesmaid dresses. Cheap doesn’t mean that it has poor quality and style. Dresses can be a tough fit. However, if you know your exact size, you can easily find your perfect size. Just check the sizes of each gown, and for sure you will find the size that is perfect for your shape.

Eight Types of Gloves and When to Wear Them

Gloves serve many purposes. Not only can they protect the wearers’ hands from outside objects, but also they can provide fashion, comfort, and warmth. There are dozens of different types of gloves, each pair serving its own unique purpose. Below are eight of the most popular gloves used today.

1 – Medical Gloves
Medical gloves are made of a variety of disposable polymers such as latex, vinyl, nitrile rubber, and neoprene. They are most often used during medical procedures and medical examinations to help prevent contamination between medical caregivers and their patients. Their use is required in most medical facilities in order to protect against the spread of illness and disease.

2 – Food Service Gloves
Food service gloves are used by individuals who work in the food service industry.They are worn to protect against contamination of food with germs. Their use is required in many food establishments because they have the ability to greatly decrease the spread of food borne illnesses when used properly with other hygienic practices.

3 – Baseball Glove
A baseball glove, often called a baseball mitt, is a large leather glove worn by baseball players. Not only does it assist the players in catching and fielding balls, but it helps to protect the players’ hands. It was not until the mid-1890s that it became the norm for players to wear gloves in the field.

4 – Ice Hockey Gloves
The three main styles of gloves worn by ice hockey players are the skaters’ gloves and two types of goaltender’s gloves. Skater’s gloves are worn by the majority of the players and they protect their hands from pucks, skates, and sticks. Goaltenders wear two different types of gloves, one on each hand. Hisgloves help to protect him as well as make it easier for him to block and trap pucks that come his way.

5 – Gardening Gloves
Gardening gloves are often worn by gardeners in order to protect their hands from thorns and stickers while keeping their hands clean from dirt and plant juices. Gardeners often wear cloth, rubber, or nylon gloves, all of which can come in a variety of colors and designs.

6 – Fashion Gloves
Many people from all over the world choose to wear gloves as a fashion accessory. Gloves are often worn to complement an outfit or add flair to a costume. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs.Nylon gloves tend to be one of the cheapest and most versatile forms of fashion gloves.

7 – Winter Gloves
The primary purpose of winter gloves is warmth. Winter gloves come in all varieties, including ski gloves, mittens, knit gloves, nylon gloves, leather gloves, and more. They are often worn while shoveling the snow, walking outside, playing in the snow, and even inside a cold home.

8 – Touchscreen Gloves
Touchscreen gloves are made of a conductive material that enables the user’s natural electric capacitance to interact with a variety of capacitive touchscreen devices. This allows the user to operate her electronic device without removing her gloves. As technology has improved and more and more people commonly use touchscreen phones and other devices, touchscreen gloves have become extremely popular.

And of course, superheroes wear gloves! Check out the step-by-step directions below on how to recreate your favorite super hero looks this Halloween!

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Scariest Halloween Decorations

We might not make as big a deal out of it as our friends across the pond in America, but Halloween has been perpetually growing in stature in the U.K for years now, with high profile parties a regular occurrence amongst children, teenagers and adults alike. If you yourself are planning on biting the bullet and putting on a halloween party this year then you have two options; keep it simple (a few friends, some dodgy horror films and a couple of drinks) or go all out with a full-blown, American style halloween party.

You chose the latter right? If so (and if not, why not?), stick with us as we offer up a variety of options for decorating your home in a manner befitting the otherworldly fun of ‘all hallows eve’.

Set The Mood

The overall atmosphere of the house is just as crucial as the aesthetics. Instead of playing music, why not try playing a CD of creepy, atmospheric music (even halloween ‘themed’ music would suffice) and replacing your conventional bulbs with red coloured bulbs for that sharp, blood splattered effect? Smoke and fog machines are also deceptively cheap and can lend an incredibly authentic, ‘graveyard’ like fine mist to the evening that will really have your guests talking.


It might be something of a cliché, but then they say the old ones are always the best ones. Halloween should be the only day of the year where you’re home is supposed to look bad and with a spattering of cotton or cheesecloth cobwebs covering every nook and cranny, your home will soon look as if it hasn’t been lived in for years.


Again a bit of a cliché but an effective one. Pumpkin carving is one of the few halloween traditions that has always been popular in Britain and with good reason. It’s a fun activity that can involve the whole family in a fun and creative way (and the innards can be used to make a delicious pumpkin soup afterwards!). It encourages creativity in the young and old alike and (crucially) doesn’t need to be carved into the traditional grinning skull shape. In fact, whoever said it had to be a pumpkin? Creative halloween decorators have been known to use everything from squashes to marrows and courgettes as pumpkin alternatives.


Bats, ravens, spiders, if it has any kind of ‘horrific’ connotation then it’s fair game. Using actual stuffed animals might be taking it a little too far mind. Fake bats are always a good bet as they are especially cheap and can look remarkably effective when used en masse.


By which we mean fake blood (of course). There are numerous schools of thought when it comes to the red, gooey stuff. Some prefer home-made, whilst others prefer the more chemical ‘store bought’ compounds. For an incredibly realistic (albeit messy) and cost-effective approach though, try maple syrup, watered down slightly with a dark red food colouring. The result is particularly realistic in both looks and texture.

Window Decorations

When decorating your windows, subtlety is your best friend, as overdoing it could look tacky. Try placing some ‘spooky’ cardboard cut-outs against the window behind a thin curtain and then backlight them with a strong, coloured lamp. The shadow cast against the window should be incredibly effective.

The Door

The door is by and large the most important decoration point of the entire house. Of course a simple poster or a dramatic spattering of removable red paint would be sufficient for a virginal outing, but when you’re more experienced, there are a wealth of options you could explore. Turn your driveway into a staged ‘scene’ from your favourite horror movie or plaster the entire front of your house with bloody foot and hand prints. When it comes to halloween decorations, there generally is no ‘wrong’ answer.

Of course it is possible to go too far with your first attempt. You want to scare people but you don’t want to scare them off. But on the dame hand, don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself (that’s half the fun). Most important of all though, remember to have fun!
About the author:

Written by Gozde who is on the Suite Company design team.

How to Keep Your House Safe When Taking a Vacation

Going on holiday is an exciting occasion, and whilst it’s easy to get carried away with making lists and packing, it’s also worth spending some time ensuring that your house stays safe whilst you’re away. After all, who wants to return from their travels feeling relaxed and stress-free only to discover that something negative that could have been prevented has happened to their home? Read on for some informative tips to bear in mind next time you go on holiday.

Enlist help

Ask a neighbour or friend to keep a check on your house whilst you’re away. Make sure they have your phone number in case of any emergencies. Why not even consider getting a house sitter to mind your home for you? They could keep an eye on things, water your plants and park their car in your driveway, so it looks lived in.

Leave lights on

If it looks obvious that you’re on holiday, then your home may become a target to burglars, so it’s worth trying to give it a lived-in look. Set lights to come on in the evening on a timer switch, so it looks like someone’s at home. Don’t close curtains or blinds, as it will look too obvious during the daytime that nobody is there.

Install an alarm system

If you don’t already have a burglar alarm system installed, it may be one of the best investments you could get done before you go away, so you can have extra peace of mind once you’re on your travels. A house with a security alarm will be less of a temptation to a burglar than one that doesn’t have one. Also, don’t leave any spare keys hiding under plant pots or doormats – give them to a trusted friend or neighbour.

Manage your mail

If outsiders can see post piling up on your doormat, it could be a telltale sign that you’re on holiday and that the house is empty – a temptation for any burglar. Instead, either ask a neighbour to collect your mail, or get your mail stopped for the duration of your vacation.

Turn off

Don’t leave any electrical appliances switched on or left on standby when you go away, to protect them from power surges, as well as save you money. Check you have turned everything off, including taps. Make sure all windows are closed.

Don’t let the whole world know

You may be so excited about your forthcoming travels, that inevitably you could get the urge to announce it on every social media site going, but letting everyone know you’re going to be away can be an open invitation to a potential burglar.

Protect valuables

If you have any treasured items, then make sure they are locked away safely and not kept on view. If you are concerned about any items, then ask someone to take care of them whilst you’re away.

Get insured

Make sure you have adequate insurance to protect your home when you’re on holiday. If you’re away for a lengthy period of time, you may need to let your insurance provider know, so always check the small print of your policy.

About the author:

Crispin Jones writes for UK Oak Doors, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wooden oak doors. Crispin enjoys spending time with his family, travel and DIY.

The Best Personalised Items for Back to School

Whenever the back-to-school season arrives at the end of each summer, parents have a lot to think about for their children when it comes to the supplies, clothing, and accessories that they will need in order to start off a whole new school year in style. Making sure that your child has everything that he or she will need to excel in the classroom is one thing, but also making sure that your child will be stylish and will have accessories that the other kids in the class will envy can be a bigger chore.

To make your child’s back to school accessories even better than ever before, consider purchasing personalised items this year. Continue reading for a few that will be sure to put a smile on your young child’s face.

Personalised Backpack

A personalised backpack is not only stylish, it is also a great and easy way to make sure that your child’s backpack is never mistaken for someone else’s. There are plenty of retailers who offer customisable backpacks for kids, and these come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit every boy or girl. Have your child’s name printed on the backpack, or simply opt for a special design that is your child’s choice instead. For your football-loving young son, a backpack with a football and his name would be appropriate. And for your young daughter who loves to dance, ballet shoes could be the best way to take an ordinary backpack and make it truly hers.

Personalised Lunchboxes

Like backpacks, lunchboxes can often be misplaced or mistaken for someone else’s. If your child tends to lose his or her belongings easily, a customised lunchbox with his or her name on it is a great way to make sure that it can be found more easily. But don’t just stick with putting your child’s name on the lunchbox. Think outside the box to figure out how you can really customise the item to make it represent the unique attributes that your child possesses. This will make it a unique item that no one else has, and other kids may very well be envious of your child’s possession.

Personalised Clothing

If your child really wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd, there is no better way to accomplish this task than to purchase personalised articles of clothing, from shirts to trousers and even hats. While everyone else is off buying the same clothes from the same big brands, your child can go to school in style but with a completely unique look that no one else can replicate.

Personalised Notepads

Anyone can go into any office supply store and purchase notebooks and pads of paper that can be used to jot down important information during a teacher’s lessons, but not everyone considers getting personalised notepads with special designs printed on them to represent the proud owner. You’ve probably already heard of many places offering personalised stationary and invitations, so you can check these sources first for some great accessories that your child can use in the classroom as well.

About the author:

Sarah White is a blogger who enjoys writing about the latest trends in kids’ fashion and back-to-school products. When it comes to being in school these days, fashion and accessories are important, so she suggests making sure that your son or daughter has everything in place to really make a statement.

Buying Your Wedding Flowers Online

With most people living a busy lifestyle, convenience and online shopping has become very popular; and this goes for buying gifts and flowers too. If you have a wedding to plan, you will know just how important it is to get the perfect flower arrangements for your special day, and you now have the opportunity to buy them online from leading suppliers.

Buying wedding flowers online might be a new concept for many people but it’s a great way to save a lot of time. You won’t have to spend hours on the road and visit multiple suppliers to get the perfect look, as you can now simply browse through a variety of styles and colors until you find exactly what you are looking for. And ordering is very easy – you can have your flowers delivered to your door, or directly to the venue of your choice.

Saving Money

Buying online will definitely save you money. Not only will you be able to shop for your flowers in the comfort of your own home, but you won’t have to pay a florist to make up an arrangement in advance so that you can see what your flowers will look like. When you shop online you will already be able to see various arrangements and options that are available to you.

Online stores tend to have a more extensive selection of arrangements and flower bouquets. They have a wide variety of images to filter through and this makes it even easier for you to shop online as you might just get the inspiration you need. They will likely have arrangements that are not locally available at your nearest florist.

Flowers in Season

You will often have to choose from flowers that are in season at your local florist, but what if the flowers you want for your dream wedding are not in season? Most online shops deliver nationwide or even international making your flower selection endless! They will deliver at your venue of preference on the required date and you can track the delivery making this method safe while you still have control.

For your convenience, a variety of payment methods are available when buying wedding flowers online. This means that you can plan in advance and know exactly what you will need to pay, thereby staying within your budget. You can even order the flowers in advance and have them delivered fresh on the day of your wedding. This is a great way to secure the flower arrangements that you need for that day.

One great benefit of buying flowers online is that you can plan your wedding flower bouquets in advance as you can browse through a variety of great options and ideas. You can take your time on deciding the perfect arrangement, and place your order when you are ready. You won’t have to visit multiple florists to find ideas and get suggestions of what might work, so you save a lot of time and unnecessary expenses in the process as well.
About the author:

NetFlorist is a leading online flower store in South Africa and provides a variety of flower arrangements and bouquets for delivery nationwide.