The Lunch Special

At home, you take care to provide nutritious meals for your kids. But when they are on their own in school, you might not have control over what they eat. Kids are often tempted to spend their allowance money buying chips, soda, and candies, over eating the baon that you have prepared for them. Worse, they might skip eating at all, in favor of more playtime with their friends.

Here are some expert tips to get them to eat healthy and safe food for recess and lunch.

1.Make it pretty. Your child eats with his eyes. Therefore, if the content of his lunch box does not look appetizing, he might look for something else to eat.

2. Separate the sauce. Starch spoils easily, because bacteria target this food group. It would be a good to keep saucy dishes, especially those that that are tomato-based like menudo or kaldereta in a separate leak-free container to prevent spoilage. Another important step in preventing food from spoiling is to keep the lid off the lunch container when the rice and viand are still hot. Let the food cool down before snapping on the lid.

3. Practice portion control. Give him just enough food to last him the day. If he sees too much food in his lunchbox, he will either get turned off or finish everything. If he doesn’t get enough, he might resort to buying unhealthy items. Observe his usual mealtime portions and work from there.

4. Add variety. If he gets sent off with the usual cold cuts or dinner leftovers every single day, he will get tired of it before the first grading ends. Give him something to look forward to at lunch time by packing his favorite food, or alternating rice and ulam with hearty sandwiches.

5. Offer healthy drinks. Augment his healthy lunch with drinks that are healthy too! Milk, like BEAR BRAND Ready-To-Drink, NIDO and chuckie milk chocolate, is a top choice, along with fresh fruit juices. Ready-to-drink chocolate milk like MILO likewise offer body-building nutrients that work to keep him alert and active for the rest of the school day.

6. Make it personal. Add a cheery note to his packed lunch to let your child know that you are thinking of him. Give short inspirational messages that will keep him going until it is time to go home.

Creating Fun and Maintaining Sanity

Whether an individual is a parent, grandparent, aunt, cousin, neighbor or friend, spending time with children can be thrilling and challenging all at the same time. It is understandable for adults to get overwhelmed when they are with children. Fortunately, there are ways that adults can create fun and maintain their own sanity when with children.

Read Frequently
Many children love to have an adult read to them. Reading time is quite a popular activity. In fact, many children will remember books that were read in the classroom as well as the individual who read them. When children are starting to get overly stimulated, take time and read to them. Choose a fun book that would appeal to them. For younger children, consider a book that has simple words and an understandable story. For older children, there are longer books to consider. Furthermore, a child may want to read a book to an adult. As children get involved in reading, they are more likely to spend time reading or looking at pictures on their own. Therefore, when children are bored or need something to do, they can read a book.

Color Away
Coloring is an excellent activity that children of many ages can do. With the recent addition of coloring books for adults, everyone can sit down at a table and color. Coloring does a fine job of relieving stress. It is an activity that can be done at home, in a vehicle or other places. With the low cost of markers and crayons, it can be a worthwhile investment.

Active Games
While reading and coloring are great activities that can produce calmness, there are times where children need to be active. Instead of putting them in front of a television or an electronic device, consider investing in games that can be played indoors or outdoors. For younger children, a bouncy ball can be played practically anywhere. For older children, adults can consider investing in custom cornhole bags or similar outdoor games. As children do physical activities, they get rid of their restlessness. Furthermore, they can learn to play such games by themselves or with peers.

When adults learn to engage children, great things can happen. Children often express how they feel through emotions and energy. When adults respond to children in thoughtful ways, children can be happy and adults can keep their sanity intact.

Type of Baby Changing Station Right for You.

One of the most useful items that you will purchase for your child’s nursery is a baby changing station. The changing station is wonderful for new mothers because she can change the baby while standing up – no bending, stretching or forgotten items; everything needed is within arms reach. Without a doubt this item will be used several times a day! With many different types of baby changing stations on the market today, how do you know which one will best suit your needs? Below you will find information on the most commonly used styles of baby changing stations.


Open Front Changing Station

These baby changing stations are (as the name implies) open in the front, typically with 2 shelves and a small drawer. You can place your baby changing items on the shelves, and keep ointments, thermometer, nose bulb and other small items in the drawer. This type of baby changing station is very nice for the first 3 – 4 months of babies’ life. As your baby becomes older and starts to crawl and explore he or she will be able to get all of the items off the shelves, which is a distraction that mom probably doesn’t need! These tables are not the best option for babies over 6 months old.


Dresser Changing Station

The dresser changing station is much sturdier than the open front design; the drawers keep the front closed so baby can’t access your changing supplies. Some of the dressers have a ‘tower’ (raised area) where soiled diapers and wipes can be placed out of babies reach. There are three options available for the dressers, fixed changing table, optional changing station (can be removed when not longer needed), and the flip top. There is some discussion about the flip top style; some people think they are unsafe unless they are bolted to the wall. (Since we are talking babies, I personally would not consider any item that some think ‘unsafe’). The dresser with the optional changing station is my personal favorite; it can be used as a dresser when a changing station is no longer needed.


Space Saving Baby Changing Stations

If space is limited in your home, then opt for a space saving baby changing station. One of the best options is the crib and changer combo. The changing station is attached to the crib, taking up less space than a crib plus a changing station. You will still have the advantage of having a sturdy changing station and extra storage space. You may also appreciate having the changing station close to the crib

Pet Boarding for Pampered Guests

Luxury pet boarding is a “dream come true” for your pet as well as for your own peace of mind in knowing that your dear “family member” will be taken care of like royalty by a loving and well-trained professional staff in a full service state-of-the-art pet care facility. This 14,400 square foot facility is proud to state that they exceed the current standards for pet care in an atmosphere that ensures the utmost in comfort, safety and happiness.

The accommodations of this pet resort are of the highest quality in climate-controlled surroundings and are comfortable and safe. You can choose from Club Suites with sheepskin bedding on raised orthopedic cots or large Signature Suites with sound-proofed walls, television programming, luxury daybeds.

Other amenities are present such as soothing background music, non-skid flooring instead of cold concrete, a 24 hour monitored fire and security system, an air filtration system with fresh air changes every four minutes, and a variety of a la carte options which give your dog extra special attention.

Also provided is a fun-filled experience for your canine companion as the guests are grouped by similar activity levels and interests for their supervised morning and afternoon stimulating plays in a spacious area with cushioned floors and canine playground equipment or in heated outdoor exercise pens.

Additionally, the incomparable service and attention includes premium meals twice a day, a bedtime gourmet snack, and potty breaks in private fenced-in outdoor potty yards with soft K9 grass.

You will even find a doggie spa! Choose from a Quick Freshen Up or the deluxe Ultimate Pampered Pooch. The latter includes relaxing in an aromatherapy room, a soothing bath, a Pawdicure, and more.

To many pet owners, the most important feature is being able to keep an eye on their special pets and view what they are doing by making use of the online community web cams!

Stop by here at Paw Print Inn in Novi, Michigan to tour the most luxurious pet boarding facility in Michigan that is available without luxury pricing. Inspect where discriminating pets are pampered guests. No appointment is necessary!

Why potassium is important?

I asked this because my eldest son has a problem with his muscle I guess. Every time he played basketball, he had this leg muscle cramps either on the left or right leg. I know he is lack of potassium on his diet because he seldom eats vegetables. He is a picky eater since he was a kid. So, I search on the Internet the foods that are rich in potassium. Thanks google for the answer to my question.


Vital for a healthy nervous system, potassium also regulates the heartbeat, prevent strokes, aids in muscle contractions, maintains stable blood pressure and works with sodium to control the body’s water balance.

Symptoms of deficiency: Critically dry skin, acne, chills, constipation, diarrhia, erratic heartbeat and depression.

Food rich in potassium: Avocados, bananas, brown rice, dairy foods, dates, figs, fruit (including dried), garlic, legumes, meat, oats, potatoes, poultry, raisins, vegetables, wheat bran, whole grains, winter squash and yams.

Joyful and Confident Parenting

Being a parent will probably be the most demanding, exhilarating, rewarding and important challenge of our lives. It is a lifelong commitment that is ever-changing and especially exciting today as new research tells us more and more about a baby’s emotional and intellectual development. But your baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Instead, you as a parent are expected to know intuitively what is best for your child. It’s true, there is no one in the world who will know your child better than you do. But we can all use a little help and guidance. The important things is to take the role of parenting from back-of-mind consciousness to front-of-mind to parent in a self-conscious way.

Hording Toys

Sometimes, when your child is unwilling to release control of toys, he may hoard them. If he is hoarding toys, she is not really playing with them. You may see that he is simply collecting toys and holding on to as many as he can. Some children literally carry handfuls of toy pieces or cram toys into their pockets. Alternatively, he may be putting them in a hiding place or personal place to prevent other children from playing with them. You will need to intervene and help her make choices and then become involved with play.



What Should You Know As A Mom?

The mother’s responsibilities do not lie on the vicious circle of feeding her kids, making sure that they grow well as adults alone, it spreads even more than that. If you are a single mom you will have to handle even more. You must have to work hard to earn your bread and to take care of all other expenses. However, spending for daily food and shelter would be a demanding situation if you are the sole parent for your kids. You must learn to take care of your kids and handle your work pressure at the same time. You can find much useful info about being a perfect mom at



Why is mom’s love so special?

If you had the opportunity to spend your childhood with your mom then you might remember how much you need your mom in every occasion whether it was happy, sad or excited moments.

•   You might even remember the times when you needed your mom’s hug when you were terrified of the dark or when a thunder crashed in the middle of the night.

•   You might even remember how safe you felt when your mom embraced you and said that everything was fine and you need not worry about anything.

•   During such scenario, it might not be possible for you to overcome your fear and grow as a confident individual.

•   As the first teacher of the child, a mother has various responsibilities. You are responsible for molding your child as a caring and respectable individual.

•   You have to imbibe the best qualities in your child while he or she is growing as the child tends to grow by grasping all the good and bad things by seeing the people with whom they spend most of the time.

•   As a mother, you might be spending a lot of time with your child and hence make sure you stay a role model for your child.

•   It is essential for you to make an array of sacrifices like spending some time for yourself, not attending the party of your close friend as you have a baby to nurse or much more.

•   However, these sacrifices would seem meaningful when you see that you child has grown as a responsible kid and make you proud.

Hence, make sure that you play the role of a mom to the fullest and feel confident that you are doing a better job.

A Positive Attitude

Babies may not be able to talk or comprehend everything you say, but they do have a great ability to sense how you are feeling. Your baby will be able to tell if you are anxious or relaxed; therefore, a good attitude is very important. If you tense up because you’re dreading the possibility that he won’t go right to sleep, your baby will sense your tension and react to it. If you rush because you’re in a hurry to get him to sleep so you can enjoy dinner with your spouse, or because another child is waiting for your to tuck him in, or because you’re simply, eager to relax alone, you won’t communicate the peacefulness and ease that you want to convey to your baby.

His attitude is important too. Though babies can’t form the thought that older kids can. “If I go to sleep now I might miss out on something fun,” they can and often do feel separated from their parents by being put to bed away from where their parents are and where things are happening. It’s very helpful to make going to bed a very positive and enjoyable experience for your baby, one that he’ll learn to look forward to.

Effective Discipline

It’s a constant test of patience and battle of wits when you’re raising kids. But psychologist says that the best way to deal with a misbehaving tot is to arm yourself with logic, knowledge of appropriate consequences, and a dose of creativity. They said, Different things work for different children, and the bigger issues is about how serious parents are in following through. This part takes much effort, and the more effort parents put in, the less nagging they need to do.

Nagging is generally a waste of effort if kids are limited to words. They need their parents’ consistent follow through. Children between ages two and six cannot be expected to know what to do. Routines are still being established at this stage, and they are naturally curious about anything and everything around them. Thus, they often need constant and step-by-step guidance. This, too, takes much time and effort on the parents and caregivers.