School Bag for Girls

In public schools, classes started on Monday, (June 02) while private schools, some of them started on Monday also, but the regular classes will be on Monday (June 09). And I am glad that regular classes will be next week because my niece has no new school bag yet, and she asks me if I could find her a new pink bag. Her father, who is my brother, doesn’t know how to choose a nice bag for her daughter, and it was me who bought her school things since she was in nursery. If you are following this blog, you would know that my niece’s parents are separated, and she is living with us, and not to her mother. Anyhow, back to school things, I have planned to shop for her bag this coming weekend. I guess I will tag her to the mall to ensure that we will buy a bag that she likes. She loves pink, specifically a Barbie bag design.


school bag

school bag


I like this style because it has many compartments outside.

school bagWhen she was in 1st Grader, she used a trolley school bag because of her books. It was too heavy for her to carry a bag, so I bought the trolley type of school bag. I am not sure if she likes to have another trolley bag now that she is in Fourth Grader.

school bag


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Read Green

Reading is a big part of most children’s lives, and books and magazines are a good way to interest children in the environment. Child sake offers lists of environmental and nature books for children, organizing them by category ( Your local librarian may also have some suggestions. Magazines introduce kids to environmental topic in quick gulps. Ranger Rick, Kids Discover, and National Geographic Kids give children the opportunity to learn about all different aspects of the natural world around them and ways to take care of it. The internet also offers an array of sites that teach environment lessons. Many state and local regulatory agencies have pages expressly for children.

Children read

Designing the Perfect Nursery

With Kate Middleton set to give birth to the royal baby any day now, we’ve been wondering how she and Wills have decorated their nursery. Now, while we’re not going to be recommending you buy your little one a throne or anything diamond encrusted, you should be treating your little prince or princess to their very own palace. So, what should you be thinking about when you’re designing a nursery?

Firstly, safety should be key. When you choose a cot, make sure it adheres to all of the necessary safety regulations, and ensure it is assembled properly. If you have opted for a wooden cot, you might want to check that it has been completely sanded down to make sure no little fingers can get hurt by a rogue splinter. If you’re painting the cot, use a non-toxic paint, and go for something that fits in well with the rest of the design scheme.

Babies need their sleep, so invest in some good blinds. A bespoke blind-fitting service will mean that the blinds you opt for fit the size and shape of the window perfectly to keep out as much light as possible, and choosing a blackout fabric can help keep the room as dark as possible so that baby doesn’t get disturbed by streetlamps or the early morning light seeping into the room.

If baby will be playing on the floor, consider laying a durable carpet, or alternatively put down non-slip mats so that they are comfortable. Wooden flooring might lead to an injury if they fall over, so carpet will help to cushion the blow when they’re old enough to start moving around on their own. You could also put some cushions down to make it more comfortable when they learn to sit up.

Choose a toybox for all of baby’s toys and games to keep the room nice and tidy when they’ve finished playing. Some toyboxes come with different compartments for different types of toy, whereas others will be a simple chest style, so choose whichever suits you. If baby has lots of storybooks, a small shelving unit might be a good idea to keep them together and organised.

If you don’t have a separate playroom, a child-sized desk and chair are a good idea for when your little one is old enough to get creative. Children develop quickly, and they will enjoy having an area dedicated to arts and crafts. Just remember to keep this area well away from the cot or bed and any nice fabrics as it can get very messy!

About the author:
Michelle Onaki is an interior style blogger who recently undertook a new nursery project for which she has received high praise