Breastfeeding Station at the Mall

We went to the mall this afternoon just to shop a little, and before we headed home, hubby wanted to eat his chocolate sundae from Mc Donald. So, he bought his favorite chocolate sundae while I was looking for something to munch also. Well, I ended up getting a “nilupak” (a grind banana and then mixed with coconut, butter and sugar). I also had a “palitaw” (dunno in English, but it’s a glutinous rice as the main ingredients.) You see; I had my usual Filipino snacks because I missed those snacks.

Now, while we were sitting at the food court, hubby saw a breastfeeding station sign. He asked about the place because that was his first time to see a breastfeeding station for mothers with a child. He said, the mall is so clever to put a place for mothers, especially for first-time mother. They might not want to show their breast in public even if their child is hungry already. While talking about the breastfeeding station, there was a young man trying to open the door. He turned the knob slowly, and then he opened it a little. Later, a young woman holding an infant went out of the room. Hubby was surprised because the young man and woman are coupled, and they have a newly born child. They both look like a teenager, or probably 18 to 19 years old, and they have a child already. Well, I told hubby that it was not surprising here because there are lots of unwed young couples now here in the Philippines. And I am just lucky that my first-born child, who is now 23 years old, still single, but he has a girlfriend. I just don’t know if they are planning to get married or not, but I hope not.

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