Fun Games to Play at the Park

A park is a place full of possibilities for children. While some youngsters will enjoy playing on the playscape, others will want for something more. That’s where, as a caregiver or parent, you can step in and make some suggestions. If you enjoy managing children and organizing activities, you may want to look into getting an early childhood education degree. Plenty of job opportunities are available if you have this type of degree such as preschool or kindergarten teachers or day care directors. Here are some games that are fun for kids, including kids of all ages:

  • Flour Tag – Imagine the fun you can have planning fun activities for the children in your care. For instance, a fun game to play at the park for older children is Flour Tag. Each player needs an adult-size sock and a dark-colored T-shirt. Fill each sock with one cup of white flour. Tie a knot in the sock, right above the flour. Spread out all the players across the playing area. At the word “Go” the players tag each other with the flour-filled socks and try to avoid being tagged by other players. Call time after five or 10 minutes. The player with the least amount of flour marks on her shirt wins.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Another fun game that will work with a small or large group of children is a scavenger hunt. Organize a scavenger hunt by making a list of items the children can find in the park. Examples are leaves, stones, blades of grass, flowers, wood chips, and snails. Make the hunt more challenging by requiring specific items such as a yellowed blade of grass or a pink-colored stone.
  • Kick It – A game that will work with either younger or older children is called Kick It. Organize players into two teams and place them in lines. Put an object in front of the first player in each teams’ line. Tell them that they have to kick the object over the finish line to get a point for their team. Once the team member crosses the finish line, put another object in front of the next player to kick to the finish line. The first team to have all members successfully kick the required object to the finish line wins. Objects can include things such as empty cans, empty cereal boxes or a trash sack filled with cotton stuffing.
  • Incorporate your love of working with children into pursuing an online degree in teaching. Then, you can spend your time planning and organizing games that will allow children to have fun while learning important skills such as sharing, taking turns, having patience and working as a team.


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