Men in White Uniform

These men in white were one of those participants on the parade at the Kadayawan Festival. I guess they are maritime students. Anyhow, this is my Wednesday White entry. Thanks Raya for hosting this beautiful meme.


Bonsai Plants

This is one of the participants of the Bonsai Plants competition on Kadayawan Festival a few weeks ago. The owner won as the Best Bonsai Groupings. I just don’t know what was the price for this category. Anyway, this is my entry for Orange Tuesday hosted by Shengkay. Just click the badge if you want to join this meme.

The Drummer

He is our neighbor, and he’s Janjan’s friend. I didn’t know that he is a drummer, so when I saw him carrying this drum with his team members, I had to ask him to stop walking so I could take him a picture. He was shy at first, but I told him that it’s free, and I will give him a copy of his picture. Later of the day, I went to a photo shop to print the photo of our neighbor. He was so happy when he saw the nice shot on that day. His mother was so thankful when she saw the photo as well.


Smiling Sally

At The Market

I went to the market this afternoon just to buy something that we could have for dinner tonight. I really don’t know what to prepare for this evening because my youngest son doesn’t like veggies while the big brother doesn’t like fish. They only like chicken and pork, and this afternoon, I don’t want to buy pork because I still have pork meat in the fridge. I was walking around at the wet market, looking for something that we could enjoy tonight, but it is really hard since the two have different tastes. Eventually, I brought home a grilled chicken, but I also bought veggies for my garden salad for my breakfast tomorrow.

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I am looking for the Best Driving School.

My son wanted to enroll in a driving school on weekends only, but we couldn’t find a school that offers weekend driving lessons. There is a driving school nearby, but I am not confident of sending him to that school. First, the office is not presentable. Second, this driving school is not known nor has a name when it comes to publicity.

I need a school that teaches every single detail about driving a car just like at the driving lessons essex where the student also learned on how to be a responsible driver as well. My son can run the car a little, but he doesn’t know yet the rules on the road like street signs, traffic lights, and a lot more. That is why I am looking for a driving school that has a complete package like from driving to troubleshooting and not just teaching the student on how to start the car’s engine. I have contacted one of the driving schools here, and they claimed that their students learned driving in just five days. One thing I like at this school is, they will assist the student when applying for a driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office. Anyway, I am hoping that I could find a school that accepts weekend lessons because the school I have been contacted doesn’t have weekend lessons.

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Kadayawan Festival 2011 #2

Here are another photo from the Kadayawan Festival here in our place. These were taken yesterday. Anyway, sorry I can’t write too long here. I am so tired. I have been on the street for two consecutive days, and the sun was scorching hot. I got sun burned actually on my shoulders and face. So, bye for now and I need to hit the bed now.




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The Versatile Blogger Award

I am so grateful today that one of my newly met friends here in the blogosphere gave an award to me. She owns a very interesting food blog I like the way she presented their food, and she also shared a video on how she prepares and cooks a Malaysian food. I tell you, you will feel hungry and drooling when you see their food.

Anyway, thank you so much Umi of Umidishes for giving this award to me. As a rule, I am linking back this award to the sender, and I will also pass this award to my friends here.

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The Beach

We are just so lucky that we are living near at the beach. We can go anytime we want, and the beach is open for everybody for free. There is no entrance fee. You will spend a little money if you will get a cottage either umbrella type or a small/big space with roof. My son loves swimming, so if the weather is good, I will accompany him to the beach.

My son in white tank top and his classmate.