Our Lunch Today

I made adobong sitaw (string beans) for lunch today, but this time, I cut the beans into ½ inch hoping that Janjan will try to eat this, because the last time I made this dish, he said that the beans were too long, so he only ate the pork and not the string beans. When I called him for lunch today, I know the next thing he would ask. “What’s our viand Ma?”. This question made me sick. If only I don’t care his health, I wouldn’t like to call him to eat if the food I served is not his favorite food.

When he was on the table already, and saw the adobong sitaw, he was silent, and I was silent too. I was waiting for his reaction actually. He put some white rice on his plate, and then he was looking to the viand. He might think something that I don’t know. I asked what his problem was. He looked at me and asked, “Is it yummy, Ma?” Well, as usual, he only ate the pork and not the string beans. My son is so picky when it comes to food. He only loves his fried chicken with lots of catsup. If that is his food, he could clean his plate, but if it is not, I will clean his plate. Tsk! Tsk!

How about you, does your child likes to eat a vegetable? If it is not, do you force them to eat vegetables? By the way, I am linking this Yummy Sunday meme. Click the badge for more yummy entries.