Summer Time in Sweden

Hi to all! Today is Sunday, which means, it’s time for me to relax. But before I could do that, here is my entry first for our Shadow Shot Sunday.

It was me on the photo taken last year in Stockholm, Sweden. Obviously, it was summer time. We went out of the house when the sun shines and had a good walked around the big and beautiful city of Stockholm.


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Amazing Grace Amazing Birthday Contest Yr. 3!

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Bandwidth Exceeded

When I opened this blog yesterday morning, I was surprised when there was a small window tab opens, and it says something like I have chosen to open a directory which is so and so. I just ignored it honestly, and then I did my Adgitizing. And while Adgitizing, I clicked Vernz blog. To my surprised, her blog had the same message with mine, so I was suspecting that it might be the web-hosting.

This blog has been using Vernz’s web-host ever since it was born. I actually contacted our web host agent, and she said, Vern’z exceeded the bandwidth of her host (sorry again Vernz). Oh! Gosh! I was thinking the comments and spammers of this blog. I was not thinking the pictures I have posted here for they were all screenshots and then paint, and I also adjusted the size of the image after uploading.

Later, Mabelle, the web-hosting agent, sent a message that I can now open my blog because Vernz upgraded her hosting awhile ago. So, I opened this blog right away, and I checked the comment page. There you go, my spammers reached to a 632. I was so shy with Vernz, even if she told me that it was OK. Well, lesson learned. I should clean this blog from time to time to minimize the usage of the bandwidth. Sorry again Vernz. (Pila kaya imo gibayad ay, tunga na lang ta..hehe)

At the Botanical Garden

The sibling’s day out. lol. Well, they were so happy that the mother brought them at the botanical garden, even if they are not behaved when they were out “makulit”. lol While the mother was busy looking around, the two kids were with me, and we’re having fun taking pictures everywhere.

The Siblings

Why they were crying? One thing for sure, they were fighting for something. Most of the time, the little boy is the one who did things that the “ate” (big sister) would cry. Try to ask him why his “ate” cried, and he will cry too. He did that because he always promised us not to do bad things to his big sister, but he did it again. And that’s the way he thought that we wouldn’t spank him because he cried already. Tsk! tsk! Well, he is just a toddler, a three – year-old boy. He’s not yet matured, so he might think that he can get all what he wants.

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Lovely Pink Flower

I could stay up late tonight. Anyway, I am not sure if this flower has been posted it here or from my other blog. I was looking for photos from my folder, and I found this pink flower. Hmm..I just call it pink flower because I don’t know the name of it. lol.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Killer Smile

You can’t force 3rdy to go to sleep at night if he is not yet sleepy. The bad thing is, he will disturb everyone on the bed and will ask you to play with him. He will cry if you’ll turn off the lights, so he could stop playing. If I will stay for a night in their home, I definitely lock the door because he always wanted to play with me and Janjan, even if it is in the middle of the night. I sometimes pretend that I was sleeping already, but he will shake my body and will yell “mommy, let’s play, open your eyes”. So, here are the photos when 3rdy, Miko and Janjan played inside the room while the mother and I were sleeping already. By the way, all my nephews and nieces called me “mommy” and not “tita or “aunty”.

And here are what we called the killer smile of 3rdy. Jason, my eldest son, loves these photos of 3rdy.

He’s cute and handsome, isn’t he?
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Coconut Tree or Palm Tree

This was taken a few months back when Janjan and I went to the beach. I just wandered the whole resort while Janjan enjoyed his swimming. While I was walking around, I found this artificial coconut tree.(Oh! not sure if this is designed as coconut tree) It really made me smile when I noticed the red coconut leaves, and the plastic yellow coconut fruit. I was thinking where did they got this idea, a tree having red leaves. Well, anyway, it’s none of my business, so I just continued roaming around and waiting for Janjan as well.


At Children’s Playground

I thought I couldn’t join Rylie’s Color Connection Meme today for I don’t have a computer monitor. My monitor broke last night when there was a brownout due to loud thunder and lightning. I heard a “tick” sound to the computer monitor when the electricity went out. When I open it in the morning, it was not working anymore. So, I bought a new one this afternoon. Anyway, here’s my entry for today. Again, I am posting my little angels. They are Jaja and 3rdy.

The Gift

The “ate” big sister was trying to help the little brother to open the gift. It was a gift from 3rdy’s godfather on his birthday last March. It was actually a red power ranger robot. 3rdy was so happy when he saw his gift. He kissed, played on it, and he doesn’t like anybody to touch his toy. But, in just a couple of days, the robot’s leg was injured. lol The next day, the face was facing at the back, and it was hard to twist back to normal. The poor little toy, the master doesn’t know how to take care of his toys. That’s how this little boy handled his toy. It won’t stay long on his hand that is why I don’t like buying him a toy. I bought him clothes instead of toys.

How about you guys, do your kids know how to take care of their toys?