My son’s creation

My two sons have a talent in drawing. They can draw anything like animals, people, cartoon characters and many more. I just don’t know where did they got that talent, since I know that their father doesn’t know how to draw, and I don’t know either. My mother told me that his late elder brother was an artist. Well, I remember he drew me a portrait when I was a kid, so probably, my children inherited that talent. But, I couldn’t believe it because they never met my uncle. Anyway, I am so thankful that they have an extra talent.

The photos below are Janjan’s drawing. I guess it’s one of the characters on Dragon Ball Z. He gave me these drawings not so long ago, and I was impressed. He asked me to take pictures on it so I can post it on my blog. Hmmm…he knows that his mother is addicted to it..Ha ha.


Without color


With color using an ordinary crayon.

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The Wedding

Happy Wednesday everyone.

First, I would like to say thank you to all my friends who visited this blog, even if I was not able to blog last week due to my flu. Thank you for the sweet and caring messages you have left here.

Anyway, since today is our Wednesday White meme, here’s my share for today. The groom is my nephew’s cousin from his mother’s side. The mother (my SIL) borrowed my digital camera that is why I have so many photos of that wedding. I was actually invited to the wedding, but I declined the invitation because I hate traveling by bus for a couple of hours. If only the wedding was held here in the city, I would probably attend the said wedding.

My nephew on the right side wearing his orange barong with white under. The young lady on the left side is his cousin from his mother’s side as well.

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Can you name this flower?

Honestly, I am sharing today a flower that I don’t know the name. Actually, this flower grows everywhere. It doesn’t need to take care of because it is just like a grass that grows where the soil is soft. I tried to smell the flower, but it has no fragrance, just a smell of weeds, that’s it. However, if you will see it plenty, you will appreciate the beauty of this flower. Anyway, this is my first time to join this Crazy Over Purple Saturdays, and I wish I could find more purple photos so I could join this meme every Saturday. I am also linking this to Rylie the host of Color Connection meme. Just click the badges below if you want to join this meme.

Life and then Som


My nephew in white school uniform

He’s my three year old nephew wearing his school uniform. He is in nursery right now. The mother said, he is enjoying his school because of his lunch box. I know he loves food. He loves to eat and play. That is why, I am not surprised when the mother prepares food for her son’s school, although the classes will only last for two hours. Anyhow, this is my Wednesday White entry.

My nephew and niece

The siblings when they had fun taking pictures at their grandmother’s place. They had four-day vacations with their lola (grandmother).

I am sorry guys, I can’t write too long here coz I am still sick, and it’s hard for me to focus on the screen. I just want to share my blue and green memes today that is why I am here.

Smiling Sally

I am really sick.

I have posted from my other blog that I am sick. Yeah, I have flu now. It actually started when I got from the bed yesterday. I thought I was just tired to get up early. I checked the temperature of my son because he had a high temperature the previous night, and I was glad that it went down. Later in the afternoon, I supposed to go out just to buy medicine for me and for Janjan, but when I went out the gate, I can’t bear the coldness, so I went back in my room, lay down, and I covered my body with a blanket. Janjan and my niece saw me I was chilling, so they called their “lolo” (grandfather) and my father put a hot towel to my feet, and I also hold the hot towel. It took for a couple of minutes before it stops. It was my father who went to the drug store to buy a medicine for us. Right now, I am still sick, and I am so irritated with my cough. I wasn’t able to sleep well last night, and my taste is still bland. Sorry guys If I can’t reciprocate your visits right now. I can’t stay longer here in the computer. I got cross-eyed reading the blogs.

Wednesday White

Last week, the host posted a participant’s entries from the previous Wednesday White Meme. Two brides were posted on her blog. Now, I am sharing the wedding of my nephew and niece cousin from their mother’s side. The mother borrowed my camera last week, and it was returned only yesterday. And this is one of those many photos on the wedding of her nephew last Saturday.

The little boy wearing white tank top is my nephew, and on the left side, the little girl next to the boy wearing yellow polo, is my niece. They are siblings and the groom is their cousin.

Aquarium’s Accessories

One time, when Janjan and I were at the mall, Janjan saw these aquarium stuffs. He actually wants to have an aquarium, but I don’t like it for nobody will take care of it except me. So, I had to tell him that we will buy an aquarium if he knows how to take care of it. That he is responsible for cleaning, feeding the fish, etc. I was glad that he listened to me and didn’t make any argument, which is usually happened when he asked something, and you didn’t grant his request. So, when he saw these aquarium stuffs, he just wished that if he has an aquarium, he would definitely want to buy some of those stuffs.

Get this $100 from Nelson

If you are my follower, you certainly notice about this giveaway contest, which will end next month. The price is just so enticing, so I am trying my luck again.

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Color Connection #2 -Gift Box

This was the box I received last month from one of my friends here in the blogosphere. She really surprised me when I received this box. Honestly, I owe her a lot now..waaaaaaaaa. I don’t know how to pay her back. Anyway, it wasn’t posted to any of my blogs because she doesn’t want me to blog it. So I have to follow her instructions, otherwise I won’t receive any gifts from her anymore lol. And for today’s meme, this is my entry for today. Enjoy your weekend everyone.