Me-time, No time

Last Sunday, I supposed to go to the mall, but when the neighbor invited us to go on swimming, my planned for window shopping, or eats my pizza at my favorite pizza house was disregarded. However, it wasn’t bad that my ME-time was postponed because I enjoyed swimming on that day. By the way, I don’t have photos on swimming because I had planned to swim, and it is not safe if I will bring my digital camera. The beach is not a private beach, and besides, it was Sunday, which means, there are lots of people because it was the weekend.

Anyway, since it was a birthday party, there were lots of food and drinks on the table except cake and ice cream because the celebrant is on his late 40’s. Anyway, I have planned to do my Me-time on Saturday. I need to have a pedicure/manicure, and a foot spa I guess. I also have planned to have a facial scrub, but I am still looking for a salon that offers a lower price.


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Flower Cake and Balls

It was my nephew’s birthday cake. I took some shots for it has lots of blue on it, and its perfect for my Blue Monday meme.

These plastic balls were used when the kids ages 3 to 5 years had a game on the birthday party. Some kids recognized the color already, but some of them were not. My 4 year old niece got confused on blue and green.


Fun in the Sun

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 1. This week’s prize is one year blog hosting sponsored by Sheryl of GEORYL.

I was invited by the host of this exciting weekly meme and giveaways, and when I checked the site and read all the rules, I couldn’t wait to submit my first entry. If you want to know the details of this meme, just click the link above. Anyway, the word of the week is “FUN”. So, I am sharing the fun that we had a few weeks ago. Some of these photos were posted already from my other blog.

Janjan and I went to the beach. I had no planned to go on swimming. I just want take photos of the beach, but when we got there, my son’s classmate was also there with his family. So, Janjan asked me if he could go on swimming with his classmate. I told him that he will go home wet if he will swim because we don’t have extra clothes for him or towel, but he insisted, so I allowed him to swim. I saw my son had fun on the water. He knows now how to float, although not really a good swimmer. I also had fun taking pictures of the people who were enjoying the heat of the sun and the water. Some were playing, and some had fun on the boat. When we got home, Janjan was so tired from swimming, but he was happy for the fun that he had with his classmate.

Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways

Have a fun weekend everyone!

I need your advice.

Next week would be my cousin’s birthday. She sent a text message this morning, and she asked a favor from me to order a cake from the bakeshop near to our place. She told me that the price of the cake is only 275.00 pesos, and I will just pay it first, and then she will pay me back when we go there next week. I headed to the bakeshop this afternoon. When I talked to one of the salesladies, she told me that they don’t have 275.00 pesos cake. The smallest cake is 425.00 pesos. So, I called my cousin, and I told her that the 275.00 price was a couple of years ago. Well, she didn’t argue with me, instead she wants me to order the cake.

Now, here is my problem. Every time she asked me to buy a cake, and she will pay it later, none of those requests had been paid. She is always like that. She promised to pay when we go there, but she never pays me back. I need your help guys. If you were on my shoes, what will you do? Will you order the cake, and if not, what would be my reason to her if I will not buy this cake? I couldn’t tell her that I don’t have money because she wouldn’t believe it. Right now, my head is spinning. I don’t know what to do. (sigh)

Frozen Yogurt

If my son loves his softy ice cream, I love my frozen yogurt. You can find these two carts at the main entrance of SM Mall, Davao. If you haven’t tried this yogurt, I would suggest to try it for this is a healthy yogurt. I am sure you will love it.

Anyway, this is my entry for today and if you want to participate, just click the badge below.

Have a great weekend everyone!

My son and Jollibee

Another week has begun, and the weekend is done. Now is the time to post our blues. Oh, it’s not the feeling of being blue, but it’s photos that have blue color in it. This meme is hosted by Smiling Sally, so get a chance to visit her site too for more beautiful entries.

Anyway, here is my entry. It was my son when we were at the mall. He had fun taking posing with Jollibee, his favorite fast food chain. When he was small, he was scared with the Jollibee mascot. He won’t dare to get closer because of the size I guess. But now, whenever he sees the mascot, he would run for it and give it a hug.

Smiling Sally

On the way to the bay.

This is the way going to the bay side here in our place. I love going there in the afternoon before the sun sets. On weekends, you can see people having their picnic beside the sea, or just staying at the open air cottages. There are also bars and hotel nearby, so this place is for the lover’s place at night.

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Night Swimming

Today is so tiring day. The sun was hiding again, and I am happy for this, but it seems like the world is so lonely without the sun. Last night, my first son went on night swimming with his friends. They were lucky because it rained earlier at night, and then later of the night, the moon was so bright. It was already 5:00 o’clock in the morning when Jason got home. I asked how their swimming was, and he said, they really had fun the whole night because the moon was so bright, full moon I guess, and it was perfectly beautiful that the moon gave them light to the sea. He added that the water was also warm. My youngest son was asking if the girlfriend of his big brother was there too, but Jason said, it was boy’s night, so no girls last night.

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