Healthy Food for Children

I cook scrambled eggs with onions, pepper and mushroom this morning, but I didn’t hide those veggies. My youngest son got mad for he doesn’t like any veggies on his scrambled egg. So, what I did is to cook for another scrambled egg just for him. I actually was planning to blend those veggies so that Janjan couldn’t notice it. I wonder if he could notice the taste because he is good with that. I am not forcing him to eat vegetables because when I was a kid, I only ate squash. I was already a teenager when I started liking the veggies. Anyhow, I wanted to buy a new microphone because soon, his classmates will visit him again and they all love singing on the karaoke. My eldest son told me that a microphone buying guide could help me find a good microphone. Ok, my son, wish me luck as I wanted to buy a good quality microphone.

Disney Books for Children

If your kids love to read Disney books, then grab these Disney books for only $.99 cents. Shipping is free. Your kids will surely love this book, even if they knew already all the characters and stories of the book. By the way, this offer is good for US residents only.

Keep Learning

Public and private institutions in many lands provide educational programs and literature on a wide range of health topics. Take advantage of them, and educate yourself about basic ways to improve your health and to avoid endangering it. Keep an open mind, and be willing to make simple adjustments.

The good habits you learn and put into practice may well benefit your children and their children after them. When parents set a good example in regard to healthful nutrition, cleanliness, sleep habits, exercise, and disease prevention, their offspring are likely to benefit.

Popcorn vs. Nachos with Cheese

When we watch a movie either at the movie theater or home with my kids, popcorn is the best partner, but nachos topped with cheese are a favorite too? If you are conscious with diet, you may ask which one is not good for your diet and which one is worse.

pop corn

The answer according to my research is…Nachos with cheese because it has the bright-orange artificial cheese that’s high in saturated fat, which is not good to your diet.

Do a different push-up

I have learned that the basic push-up is one of the best exercises for building upper-body strength but for women, it is the hardest thing to do. I have been trying to do this, but I can only push my body up twice, and then no more. I can’t make another more if I will do the normal or regular way of pushing-up. However, I have tried a different push-up that I guess you could also do. I have tried this instead: Get into a push-up position, and then slowly lower yourself to the floor for a count of two. Don’t push yourself up if you can’t. Just get back into the up position and repeat the exercise for as many reps as you can. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I improve my push-up next week.

My Son and his godsister’s son.

..yes, the one wearing orange shirt is my youngest son. These were taken at Mall Of Asia, also known as MOA. It was taken years ago. I guess my son was only 9 years old on this photo, and he is now 13 years old. I so love this photo because the little young men are now grown up and both have a good looking personality inside and out.

jan and andrei

My Youngest Nephew

I guess most kids love to play on the swing. He is the youngest nephew in the family. He is only three years old, but his height is not for a three-year-old boy. He loves to eat, but not veggies. He can finish a big plate of spaghetti, two slices of cake, four pieces jumbo hot dogs. Before he off to bed at night, he will drink a big glass of milk. If you will give him just a small glass, he will ask for another glass of milk. Tsk! Tsk! He’s just lucky because his father has a nice job overseas.


Attention Tantrums

When it comes to attention temper tantrums, your response will have a tremendous impact. In fact, your responses will either squelch or fuel your child’s attention temper tantrums. Your child needs to learn that temper tantrums will not get her what she wishes, and that she will need to adopt appropriate behavior.


Stand Your Ground

You may be determined to stand your ground, but there are times when your resolve may waver. You may be particularly challenged when you are tired, frustrated, stressed, or feeling guilty. Unfortunately, once you give in, all of the other times that you did not will be forgotten by your child. Consistency is crucial.

There are many reasons why you should not give in. First and foremost, you are rewarding your child for having a tantrum. When you give in, you give up power and authority. This may be upsetting to the child who counts on you for boundaries and guidance. You are not helping your child learn. When you give, you take away the opportunity for your child to learn to manage her frustration independently. Sooner or later, you will not be there to provide what your child wants or to jump in to solve her problem. It may sound harsh, but your child doesn’t need to have experience in not getting her own way so she knows how to deal with it.

Four Easy Ways to Childproof Your Windows

Dangling window blind cords can be dangerous for children. Tie them up out of a child’s reach or look for a free fix-it-kit online.

Install window guards or safety stops on windows when there are children in the house. These items help to ensure that a child can not fall or climb out an open window. For windows on the sixth floor and below, choose guards that can be removed easily in case of emergency. On windows above the sixth floor, install window stops so the windows open no more than 4 inches.

Always closely supervise children around windows.

Never place a child’s crib, playpen, or bed near a widow.

For Men

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