The World’s Largest Music Store

My sister-in-law sent another photo of my nephews. I so love it because the big brother teaches his little brother to play a guitar, and it seemed that the little soul enjoyed strumming the guitar. Well, I won’t be surprised if this little boy also likes music because all of us love music, and most of us can play guitars. So, it runs in our blood for being a musician. Do you know that musician’s friend the world’s largest online music gear company also ships now here in the Philippines? I was delighted when I read this on their site, but it depends on the products. My son probably didn’t know this yet. I know he purchased sometimes musical accessories online, and for sure, if he knows this store, he will shop there.


miko and barry

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For Kids Only

Do you know that OshKosh B’Gosh has 143 outlet stores in the USA that sell top-quality children’s clothing at 30% below retail prices? I have learned this from a friend who has small kids and OshKosh B’Gosh is her favorite store for her kid’s clothing. There is also OshKosh B’Gosh here in the Philippines, but for ordinary citizens, they don’t shop at this store because prices are more expensive compared to the local stores. I honestly like OshKosh because of the quality of their product, plus the designs are so cute, and it makes you kids more attractive.

The photos below are from OshKosh B’Gosh website. I love them for my handsome nephew.




High School Class Rings

I am glad that my youngest son is in high school now. A few more years and he will be graduated in high school. I don’t mind if he could not get any honor. What is important to me is to finish the high school. Anyhow, while I was surfing on the World Wide Web, I have found very nice high school class rings for boys and girls. If I will see my son’s teacher next week, I will tell him about this online store that sells high school class rings. And if you are looking for this, you can find it from this website. Anyhow, I bookmark the store so I could check it anytime I want.

A Positive Attitude

Babies may not be able to talk or comprehend everything you say, but they do have a great ability to sense how you are feeling. Your baby will be able to tell if you are anxious or relaxed; therefore, a good attitude is very important. If you tense up because you’re dreading the possibility that he won’t go right to sleep, your baby will sense your tension and react to it. If you rush because you’re in a hurry to get him to sleep so you can enjoy dinner with your spouse, or because another child is waiting for your to tuck him in, or because you’re simply, eager to relax alone, you won’t communicate the peacefulness and ease that you want to convey to your baby.

His attitude is important too. Though babies can’t form the thought that older kids can. “If I go to sleep now I might miss out on something fun,” they can and often do feel separated from their parents by being put to bed away from where their parents are and where things are happening. It’s very helpful to make going to bed a very positive and enjoyable experience for your baby, one that he’ll learn to look forward to.


It is not going to be easy. And your baby’s napping schedule is sure to be altered at some point. In the real world, naptime may not always be the scene of perfection we see on television or in the movies. Human beings just are not made that way. A baby may decide one day, “I just don’t feel like a nap” or “Who needs a three-hour nap, anyway?” Babies also refuse to tell time, read the baby expert’s opinions, or decide to make your life easier. They will sometimes just refuse to get to sleep, wake up after five or ten minutes, get sleepy an hour early, and do anything they can think of to screw up your bedtime routine.

Toddler sleeping

The golden rule here is to stay flexible. You just can’t tell a baby what she is and is not supposed to do. If a baby decides it’s time for a trip to “nappie-land” in the middle of feeding, off she’ll go without buying a ticket from you.

A Nap Can’t Replace Nighttime Sleep

It is not either/or. It is both. Your baby needs both naptime sleep and nighttime sleep. Though both are important and once can help make up for the lack of the other, neither is a real replacement for the other. Your baby needs both. You need to see that he gets them. Napping is an adjunct to sleeping. It is not a substitute. If your baby didn’t sleep well last night, a good nap today is essential. A good nap is essential under any circumstances until she’s three or older. But don’t think she can readily get by with a few hours of sleep a night because she is napping well during the day.

Grandma’s Little Buddy

Here’s the sweet moment of my nephew and his grandma. This little young man likes to walk around the neighborhood with his grandma. As soon as grandma changes her clothes and picked up her purse, this little young man would surely like to go out with grandma even if grandma told him that she would walk and not riding a car. He doesn’t mind walking, as long as he is out of the house, he will be happy for that. Plus, he loves being with his grandma, his companion almost every day in the house.


Barry and Grandma

Effective Discipline

It’s a constant test of patience and battle of wits when you’re raising kids. But psychologist says that the best way to deal with a misbehaving tot is to arm yourself with logic, knowledge of appropriate consequences, and a dose of creativity. They said, Different things work for different children, and the bigger issues is about how serious parents are in following through. This part takes much effort, and the more effort parents put in, the less nagging they need to do.

Nagging is generally a waste of effort if kids are limited to words. They need their parents’ consistent follow through. Children between ages two and six cannot be expected to know what to do. Routines are still being established at this stage, and they are naturally curious about anything and everything around them. Thus, they often need constant and step-by-step guidance. This, too, takes much time and effort on the parents and caregivers.

Turning Off “Old Mommy Yeller”

Discover these tried and tested tips on dealing with defiance and high test naughtiness without having to strain your vocal cords.

You know you’ve become a true-blue parent when you’ve earned expert points in making up the most innovative rules that border on irrational (“I won’t buy the toy you want if you don’t brush your teeth this minute!”), not to mention outrageous (“If you won’t stop crying, the security guard will take you away”). And when all else fails, you nag, scold and yell (in that particular order) in the hopes of getting your message across. Still, your little one stands unfazed and unwilling (more like not convinced) to cooperate.

You would want so much to deal with the matter with iron hands, but you’ve heard or read every child development and parenting expert say that one wrong reaction will break your child’s spirit and self-esteem. You also find yourself too spent to raise your voice or utter words of anger one more time.

Beyond the Bath

So now you have a clean baby, how do you get him ready for sleep? After the bath, how about a lullaby? A lullaby doesn’t have to be a traditional song about going to sleep. Any soft song will do. It might be an old childhood favorite, a nursery rhyme for which you know a tune it’s been set to, or a popular song with a gentle rhythm and a slow tempo.

Too many parents are inhibited about singing to their babies because, at best, they have poor singing voices and, at worst, they can’t carry a tune. But the reality is that your baby is no music critic. He cares only that his mom or dad is singing to him and holding him or singing to him and touching him as he lies there his crib. He’s not listening to your critically.

Besides singing a lullaby or some other soothing song that can serve as a lullaby, you can talk to your child or tell her a story. Though some parents think that telling fairy tales to a child six months old seems silly, many others understand that it’s actually very wise and helpful.

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