My Christmas Lists

It’s December now which means, it’s time to make a list for gifts to our love ones. My youngest son wants to have an acoustic guitar. My niece wants a new dress for her Barbie Doll, while the little nephew wants a triple drum. Oh boy, those things are not cheap, especially the guitar of my son. But of course, as a Santa on Christmas Eve, I will give what they want for Christmas.

I actually ask them what they want for Christmas, because I don’t like the idea of buying things and when they open their gifts, they are not happy with it because they don’t like it. So, it would be wiser if I know what to buy for them. Anyhow, do you know where to buy oboes? Yes, I found it online also. Our neighbor was looking for this, and he asks a favor from me to look on the World Wide Web because he has no computer. He will for sure be happy for this because as of the moment, it offers a good discount.

Work from Home Options for Busy Moms

Being a stay at home mom has its perks and rewards but tough times call for practical measures. In today’s economy it is only necessary for every one in the family to contribute in order to have sufficient funds for the monthly expenses. Stay at home moms might already have a lot on their plate but if they want to earn a little extra income for the family, there’s no need to go back to the office in order to do this. With a computer and a reliable internet connection, you’ll be able to get jobs while at home.

Here are some works from home options that are ideal for moms with a busy lifestyle:

1. Online Investments – You don’t need to be in Wall Street in order to get a glimpse of the stock market. With a number of investment software available, anyone could just easily start investing in stocks even right at home. This might sound confusing at first especially for an individual with no background in finance and economics. But most companies that offer tutorials and video guides. Just be careful as there are investment scams online. Make sure to only deal with a reliable company.

2. Website Development and Content Writing – There’s a high demand for individuals that are knowledgeable with web hosting, design and site building. This is primarily because having a reliable and unique website is very important for companies. Article and content writing is also very popular right now as businesses are trying to increase their presence online using these methods.

3. Online Stores- You can turn your passion or hobby into a profit-making tool. Set up an online store where you can sell different items either hand made, customized or as a reseller.

Make sure that the option you will choose will fit your lifestyle. Schedule is one thing that should also be considered. Being a stay at home mom, you first priority is your family.

Fit is Everything – Party Dresses

Are the colors you’re wearing your most flaterring colors? Choose colors that harmonize with your natural coloring. They will be the colors that will enhance your appearance. If you have ever been asked if you were tired or sick when you wer not, then it’s time to start experimenting. Often, the color of the season doesn’t flatter our own coloring. If you love a particular color, but it doesn’t do wonderful things for your complexion, then use it as an accent piece in a handbag, shoes, or a scarf. Clothing should fit your body type, and you should be comfortable enough in your body where you are not relying on fashion to define your style, but to enhance it.

Anyhow, Christmas is near, and I am sure, there will be lots of parties coming. If you have planned to shop on the Internet, you can try to search it here. I so love their party dresses, especially the backless or tube style dresses. I have a fair skin, so the red sexy dress that I like would be matched to my skin color. They have dresses, bottoms, tops, lady’s accessories such as bags, jewelry, and more. So, if you are looking for party dresses for this Christmas season, get a chance to visit the link that I have provided. You might just find something you would love to wear.

Putting Baby Down to Sleep

Generally, a good bedtime for babies is somewhere between 7:00 and 8:30 P.M., depending on your family’s routine and on the baby’s own internal clock. But within a couple of weeks, you should be able to tell what type of sleeper your baby is. For example: Is she naturally an early riser or a late riser? Does she show signs of sleepiness or tiredness earlier in the evening or later on?

Whatever time you settle on as his bedtime, try to stick to it pretty consistently, thought you don’t have to be a slave to routine. If your family is out visiting friends or family and your late return delays your baby’s bedtime a bit for one night, it’s not the end of the world, even though it’s certainly not desirable. Try to plan so that this sort of interruption to the routine doesn’t happen, but if it does, don’t be upset by it. You can get your baby’s schedule back on track the next night.

Preparing for a Birthday Party

Next month will be my month birth. I don’t have planned to have a big party because for me, birthday party is just for kids. I might have little party but only close friends, and my family would be there. I have checked already my karaoke system and so far; it is still good. However, I only have one microphone right now. I want to buy that shotgun mic because it looks so light, and I guess it has also good-quality sounds like the normal size microphone. I will try to look for it online, and I will compare the price from the musical store nearby.

Hording Toys

Sometimes, when your child is unwilling to release control of toys, he may hoard them. If he is hoarding toys, she is not really playing with them. You may see that he is simply collecting toys and holding on to as many as he can. Some children literally carry handfuls of toy pieces or cram toys into their pockets. Alternatively, he may be putting them in a hiding place or personal place to prevent other children from playing with them. You will need to intervene and help her make choices and then become involved with play.



What Should You Know As A Mom?

The mother’s responsibilities do not lie on the vicious circle of feeding her kids, making sure that they grow well as adults alone, it spreads even more than that. If you are a single mom you will have to handle even more. You must have to work hard to earn your bread and to take care of all other expenses. However, spending for daily food and shelter would be a demanding situation if you are the sole parent for your kids. You must learn to take care of your kids and handle your work pressure at the same time. You can find much useful info about being a perfect mom at



Why is mom’s love so special?

If you had the opportunity to spend your childhood with your mom then you might remember how much you need your mom in every occasion whether it was happy, sad or excited moments.

•   You might even remember the times when you needed your mom’s hug when you were terrified of the dark or when a thunder crashed in the middle of the night.

•   You might even remember how safe you felt when your mom embraced you and said that everything was fine and you need not worry about anything.

•   During such scenario, it might not be possible for you to overcome your fear and grow as a confident individual.

•   As the first teacher of the child, a mother has various responsibilities. You are responsible for molding your child as a caring and respectable individual.

•   You have to imbibe the best qualities in your child while he or she is growing as the child tends to grow by grasping all the good and bad things by seeing the people with whom they spend most of the time.

•   As a mother, you might be spending a lot of time with your child and hence make sure you stay a role model for your child.

•   It is essential for you to make an array of sacrifices like spending some time for yourself, not attending the party of your close friend as you have a baby to nurse or much more.

•   However, these sacrifices would seem meaningful when you see that you child has grown as a responsible kid and make you proud.

Hence, make sure that you play the role of a mom to the fullest and feel confident that you are doing a better job.

The World’s Largest Music Store

My sister-in-law sent another photo of my nephews. I so love it because the big brother teaches his little brother to play a guitar, and it seemed that the little soul enjoyed strumming the guitar. Well, I won’t be surprised if this little boy also likes music because all of us love music, and most of us can play guitars. So, it runs in our blood for being a musician. Do you know that musician’s friend the world’s largest online music gear company also ships now here in the Philippines? I was delighted when I read this on their site, but it depends on the products. My son probably didn’t know this yet. I know he purchased sometimes musical accessories online, and for sure, if he knows this store, he will shop there.


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For Kids Only

Do you know that OshKosh B’Gosh has 143 outlet stores in the USA that sell top-quality children’s clothing at 30% below retail prices? I have learned this from a friend who has small kids and OshKosh B’Gosh is her favorite store for her kid’s clothing. There is also OshKosh B’Gosh here in the Philippines, but for ordinary citizens, they don’t shop at this store because prices are more expensive compared to the local stores. I honestly like OshKosh because of the quality of their product, plus the designs are so cute, and it makes you kids more attractive.

The photos below are from OshKosh B’Gosh website. I love them for my handsome nephew.




High School Class Rings

I am glad that my youngest son is in high school now. A few more years and he will be graduated in high school. I don’t mind if he could not get any honor. What is important to me is to finish the high school. Anyhow, while I was surfing on the World Wide Web, I have found very nice high school class rings for boys and girls. If I will see my son’s teacher next week, I will tell him about this online store that sells high school class rings. And if you are looking for this, you can find it from this website. Anyhow, I bookmark the store so I could check it anytime I want.