Sometimes we’re more likely not to eat when we’re under stress.

We eat for many reasons, physical hunger, emotional pain, chronic stress. Part of discovering your eating patterns and adjusting them, if necessary, requires you to examine all the emotional components of your eating patterns.

When you’ve had a particularly tough day, do you find yourself eating a large meal, then lying on the sofa to unwind? After a confrontation with your boss, colleague, friend, spouse or child, do you find solace in whatever food makes you happy? Do you find that binge-eating when you’re frustrated or upset gives you comfort and relief (at least until reality sets in)? When you’re finally accomplished a long, hard project, do you treat yourself by buying favourite foods and then eating until you fall into a food coma? When you’re alone at night, do you find yourself eating uncontrollably?Does eating a big dinner prevent you from sleeping well and then the lack of sleep affects your whole next day?


While there’s no way to completely separate food from feelings, you need to recognize your emotional reactions to food and minimize their significance. It’s critical to remember that food’s purpose is to nourish your body and make you feel good, not torture you or make your feel guilty.

Why potassium is important?

I asked this because my eldest son has a problem with his muscle I guess. Every time he played basketball, he had this leg muscle cramps either on the left or right leg. I know he is lack of potassium on his diet because he seldom eats vegetables. He is a picky eater since he was a kid. So, I search on the Internet the foods that are rich in potassium. Thanks google for the answer to my question.


Vital for a healthy nervous system, potassium also regulates the heartbeat, prevent strokes, aids in muscle contractions, maintains stable blood pressure and works with sodium to control the body’s water balance.

Symptoms of deficiency: Critically dry skin, acne, chills, constipation, diarrhia, erratic heartbeat and depression.

Food rich in potassium: Avocados, bananas, brown rice, dairy foods, dates, figs, fruit (including dried), garlic, legumes, meat, oats, potatoes, poultry, raisins, vegetables, wheat bran, whole grains, winter squash and yams.

Making the Workplace Safe One Mat at a Time

When it comes to safety matting and making the workplace more secure, it could be overlooked. However, leaving floor surfaces uncovered or unprotected can lead to disaster. One nasty fall and you could have an employee that is out of work for a long time, not to mention the hassles that come with workers’ compensation and insurance. You care about your staff and want to ensure that your floor surfaces are safe. Thanks to JCH International, you can get help from a company that specializes in matting to find exactly what you need to ensure safer conditions in your business.

Mats that Will Stand Up to the Test
At JCH International, you’ll find a broad selection of floor mats to take care of your workplace. Entrance mats are a practical solution that can minimize dirt and water being tracked in through your building by employees or clients. Mats specifically designed for safety purposes are ideal for any area that tends to get wet, such as a kitchen facility or cafeteria. Find mats that are intended to bear heavy loads in warehouses. AntiFatigue mats are another beneficial product that provide more comfort for your staff members. Regardless of what kind of matting you need, JCH International will point you in the right direction.

It’s a Matter of Choice
When you turn to JCH International, you will be able to browse through a comprehensive selection of products that are available in different colors. Personalize your choice of mats to complement your business. Most importantly of all, find the type of matting that will fulfill your needs. Not only will you protect the surface of your floors from damage, you will protect the staff members and customers who enter your premises on a daily basis. JCH International will help you to take care of business.

Floor Mats You Can Count On
JCH International is committed to providing you with an assortment of quality products for your floors. You’ll find mats that are offered at affordable prices and come with at least a one year warranty. JCH International stands by its products with a solid reputation. As an added bonus, you can choose to purchase or rent your floor mats. It is all about making the customer happy. JCH International is dedicated to helping you meet your matting needs.

School Project and Homework

Moms are not only a mother to their children. They are also sometimes a teacher to their students, especially if their student has homework. I personally help my son when he has homework from school that is if he asks help from me. I am just lucky that he is the only one student at home right now. Unlike my friend, she has three kids at the same school with my son, and helping her kids for their homework made her annoyed if all of them have homework.

Students today are so lucky. When I was a student, nobody helped me to do my homework, specifically essay homework. I could not even ask my mother to help me on my homework because she had a work too. Fortunately, I was able to write it on my own. But today’s college students, if they don’t like to do their homework or project, or has no time to do it because of some valid reasons, then they can look for somebody to do their college essays project. You just have to pay them if that is their business.

I already have heard this company not long ago, and I have heard that they accept any types of essay projects. They have professionals who are willing to write it for you, even if it is difficult. One thing for sure, these guys will provide accurate information to your homework, and you will have your papers done before the submission date.

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Preschool Aggression

As your child approaches preschool age, his ability to tolerate frustration will improve, and he will have stronger language skills and impilse control. Overall, the presence of aggression during temper tantrums should decline as his self-control develops. However, your child may still experience complete meltdowns and possibly hurt others in the process.


Try to quickly stop your child’s aggression by redirecting or prompting. You can try to encourage him to use words to solve the problem. If all else fails, you will need to remove him from anyone he could hurt. You may need to help him sit in time-out so that he can regain his composue and self-control.

Your preschooler is starting to show an understanding of right and wrong. Early moral develpment is characterized by decisions that are made according to how their outcome will affect the child. In other words, in the child’s eyes, right and acceptable actions are those that help her avoid punishment or gain a reward.

Musical Instrument for Children

Be aware that the costliest way to feed yourself or your family is buying prepared foods such as instant pasta with sauce mixes, sandwiches from the deli counter, skinned, boned or stuffed meats, poultry and fish, and salads from the salad bar. With these foods, you are paying for the preparation. Save a bundle by creating your own meals instead. Plan simple menus. Purchase basic, healthy ingredients such as untrimmed meat, vegetables and fruits, whole heads of lettuce and your own supply of cheeses, eggs, flour, sugar, herbs and spices. By the way, if you kids love any musical instrument, you can find it at : MusiciansFriend musical instruments for kids.

Helping Your Child Share

If your child is in a situation in which she or he is having a hard time sharing, there are some things that you can do. First, if your child is having a full-blown tantrum over sharing, you will need to help her calm down. Your attempts at reasoning with her will be fruitless if she has lost emotional control. You will not be able to guide her through any conflict resolution when she is overwhelmed with feelings of anger or frustration.

When your child is having a hard time sharing a toy, you may find improvement if you use the term turn taking instead of sharing. The connotation is slightly different. Consider, if you share your ice cream, you lose part of it. Conversely, if you allow someone to have a turn with your blocks, the implication is that the blocks will returned. Additional, sharing may be tolerable if you can reassure your child that the item will well cared for and that she or he, too, will have a turn.

Three Ways To Optimize Your Storage Tank Company

If you run a storage tank company and want to attain profound levels of success, it’s important to put together a plan predicated on powerful principles and techniques that are known to generate the results you want. While there are a plethora of tips and tricks you can implement to optimize your company and witness the level of growth and expansion you desire, the following strategies can be especially effective:

1. Invest In Excellent Inspection Services.

In the world of storage tank manufacturing and distributing, safety must come first. With this idea in mind, make sure that you are investing in high quality inspection services. Companies like ChemRef Services Inc can provide you with an effective, excellent API 510 inspection as well as several other services such as maintenance and turnaround inspection.

2. Maximize Your Marketing Strategy.

If you’re serious about increasing your conversion rates, marketing is a must. In most cases, the key to optimizing your marketing strategy is to hire a team of professionals with extensive experience in online and offline advertising. These days, internet hot spots like Facebook and Twitter have become incredibly effective spheres through which business owners can interface with their target audience and subsequently build brand familiarity. At the same time, traditional modes of offline advertising such as radio and print ads are effective venues through which to establish brand-building relationships with your target market. To ensure that you can attain all of these excellent marketing services, make sure that you’re doing research to find the advertising company that can offer you the most effective, expedient assistance.

3. Know Your Competitors.

Knowing what your competitors are doing is a great way to optimize your storage tank company. For example, recognizing that your competitor is implementing a strategy that yields substantive results is a great way for you to appropriate the same technique to obtain similar results. Studying your competitor’s business failures and shortcomings is a good idea, too. This way, you can learn what not to do as you strive to take your storage company to a new level of success.


Successfully building your storage company necessitates the systematic use of techniques that are known for generating substantive, tangible results. By using the business growth techniques that appear above, you’ll likely find that your storage company starts to experience the growth and expansion that contributes to a substantive bottom line. Good luck!

I Eat What My Childen Eat (Yuck)

Do you always eat the same food as your children?
Do you steal your children’s food after they go to sleep?
Do you snack with your children and then eat with your adult partner?

New and veteran parents alike are often surrounded by more junk food than they could have imagined before they became parents. Children are growing machines and tend to eat all day long to keep up with their changing, hungry bodies. It’s easy, then, for parents to become accustomed to eating with their children, which often means a round-the-clock schedule of snacks and meals.

Strategy: Did you know that eating a handful of your children’s chips twice a week can lead to a s2 kg weight gain in a year? One way to crack the eating-your-chidlren’s-food dilemma is to limit the amount of junk food in your house. Also, find healthier foods that your children actually like and buy those foods. For example, instead of regular crisps, get baked crisps or, better yet, have low-fat cheese with crackers. Get sorbet instead of regular ice cream, buy chocolate-covered rice cakes instead of chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t allow yourself to get in the habit of eating whatever your children left on their plates. Take the leftovers and save them for your children’s next emal or simply throw them away. If you’re cooking, make only enough food for that meal so there’s no waste, or make extra and freeze the additional food for later. Finally, eat when you feed your chidlren instead of later, even if that’s at 5 p.m.

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